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Defence Teaming Centre's SME Summit 2020
Virtual Summit 2020
Defence Teaming Centre's SME Summit 2020


Adelaide, Australia
About Intertek
Intertek is a trusted partner in the provision of global quality and safety services to the defence industry, helping ensure increased asset reliability, design integrity and optimal systems performance.

Our independent Total Quality Assurance solutions cross the entire spectrum of land, sea and field operations, from vessel and vehicle construction, to maintenance and safety inspections. Our expert services include:

• Fabrication inspection of surface/subsurface vessels, and other defence projects 

• Structural testing and component certification for hulls, welded joints, pipes and propellers 

• Mechanical & non-destructive testing (NDT) examinations 

• Materials evaluation & failure analysis 

• Bulk storage: NDT, in-service inspections and storage tank calibrations 

• Oil condition monitoring and spectrometric oil analysis, including analysis of greases and all liquid fuel types 

• Commercial and military specified aviation fuels testing 

• Independent quantity and quality cargo surveying 

• Analytical laboratory services for forensic assessment 

• Supply chain management & auditing services



GLOBAL TECHNICAL SERVICE SOLUTIONS - Minimizing risk, maximizing efficiency and improving quality